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I gotta tell you guys - rarely does one come across such an honest and accomodating entrepeneur as Ed. After having a short in one of my dongles (insert joke here), all it took was a call to Ed. Not only did he get a new/improved G3 version in the mail the very next day, he sent TWO of them (just in case Michele's went bad)! On top of all that, he wouldn't even let me send him a check to cover the postage!!! That's one STAND UP GUY if ya ask me! :bow:

Ed, thanks so much for doing what you do! You have an awesome product. And your service after the sale is second to none! :thumbup:

Now, if I can figure out why I got a package in the mail from him yesterday containg a coiled cord and a cable that looks like it attaches to the outside of a Nolan-type helmet, I'll feel better. Otherwise, he'll be getting a call from me this week! :shrug:

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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