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Finding ones with sayings on them geared toward women is difficult. I found a great website for the women riders this afternoon.

And yes guys.... are LOTS for you on there as well.

It gets old seeing the same one "this bi&&& rides her own"/etc. There are some of the same old sayings, but found some I've never seen before!

"If you can read this you've just been passed by a VTX"
"Forget Diamonds, I want Chrome"
"A Woman and her Motorcycle, it's a Beautiful Thing"
"Love is Having 2 Bikes... one for Him... one for Her"
"I Cried Because I Could Not Wheelie.... Until I Met a Man Who Had No Bike"
"Chromeaholic - Not in Recovery"

Cute sport bike one - "get out of the damn way sissy boy" hah

A bit pricey on some of them.

Well, you get the idea. Nice to see there IS some creativity out there.

Another one I like for women is:

I have 2 of their shirts "yes it's mine, no you can't ride it" and "you just got passed by a girl"

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Laura, thanks for sharing these web sites. These are great and I'm gonna order some.

I was thinking about you when I saw the "Love is.... two bikes"

Hope Hawaii and the golf courses treated you both well! Looking forward to seeing you both very soon!
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