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i just read some numbers from 2002 about motorcycle thefts.

i always assumed that harleys and goldwings were near the most stolen because of the parts value if you tore them apart--just look at ebay.

crotch rockets were all over the top 25, one harley was # 27. goldwings seemed very little sought after. maybe too heavy to steal.

want to be safer from bike thieves, move to the midwest. want to make a claim, move to florida . now before i hear we have so many more bikes in florida.

stow it.

wisconsin has 70 % the number of bikes florida has.

fla 299000 wi 208000

in florida your 15 times as likely to have it stolen as here in the midwest.


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Oh yeah!

Hey Loren,

That's only because Florida bikes are ridden 15 times more than northern bikes(weather you know) ROFLMAO!!! :croc:

Just kidding! Just kidding! :a13:

Part of the reason for that is because it is so easy to get stolen vehicles on a boat and out of the country. A large percentage of stolen vehicles go to places like South America and are sold for a small fortune.

I had a 280ZX stolen about 8 years ago. :evil: I'll bet that thing was either in a chop shop or on a boat w/i 30 minutes. I live right near the Port of Tampa, lots of freighters coming and going.

This state also has an outragious amount of transcients which doesn't help.

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I keep reading posts about the weight being
heigh on the wing. I used to have a Kawasaki
Vulcan Nomad, and I actual think it weighed 10
pounds more. I could be wrong. Several other
board members hear either had, or do own
that bike. I am just saying that I don't think
the weight is that much more. Are Harley's
light? I assumed they were 700 + pounds
with all that steel & crome.
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