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I had MTS in the past and yes, I did need their help on an occasion when I stripped the drive line splines on my 1989 GL-1500. I was on a Three Flags Classic ride from Mexico to Canada and I broke down in Canyon Dam, CA. It was on a holiday weekend so I had a three day wait in a motel before I could even get an appointment for a Honda dealer...IN RENO, NV!!!! I had to rent a U-Haul and l load it myself because the MTS coverage was already used for that breakdown getting me to a motel in Quincy, 31 miles from Canyon Dam. Why only to Quincy? It has a Yamaha motorcycle repair shop. The trip to Reno/Sparks Nevada was another 85 miles away and I was not going to be on the hook for that tow trip bill.

The great news is that they are very pleasant on the phone and really went beyond my expectations in calling back to ensure I was okay and not left stranded by the side of the road. They put a lot of effort to select towing companies that have the right equipment and are knowledgeable about motorcycles. The unit sent out to help me was a tilting flatbed type so it was a great choice for hauling the Gold Wing. The tower not only asked for my opinions but welcomed my advice for tying it down. Nice! MTS is not brand specific so if you have a stable of bikes, so there is no issue about getting coverage for all of them with one policy.

The not-so-great news is that they are very intolerant of riders who don't maintain their bikes and make multiple calls for assistance in the course of a year. They only get you to the nearest motorcycle dealer and if that is a Hardley-Davidson shop that won't even lay a hand on a "POS Jape bike", then you are screwed. At that time, their covered tow mileage was somewhat short, especially if you lived out West, so it could still cost you some big bucks to get to where you need the bike to be. That may have changed so you should read their policies very carefully.

I changed over to the HRCA for several of those negative reasons. HRCA gets you to a Honda repair shop, not just a "motorcycle repair shop". I believe HRCA covers other bikes you own but that was not an issue with me because I only own a Wing. I have not had to use the HRCA roadside assistance program so I cannot tell you how good or poor it is compared to the MTS program but HRCA seems a good value.

Good luck and hope this helps.
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