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My wife and I just completed a 3,800 mile, multi-state, multi-national (OK, it was Canada) 14 day ride. No big mile days but many big smile days. We spent four nights with other members of the Motorcycle Travel Net (search for "motorcycle travel net" to get more info at this forum). It is really enjoyable to end the riding day by pulling into the driveway of a new found motorcycing friend.

Here is a sample of the hosts we stayed with:
1) 850,000 mile BMW rider who travels to BMW camping rallies from coast-to-coast and his wife has accompanied him on 600,000 of those miles.
2) HD rider who retired and took a 6 week coast-to-coast retirement party trip. This family provided us with a the use of a complete 3 bedroom 1903 refurb home of a famous US poet.
3) A motorcycling couple from upstate NY. Each owned a sport bike and a touring bike. This couple has motorcycle toured all over the world and they do the touring on their own, not with touring companies.
4) A couple who nursed me thorough a night of stomach flu like I was one of the family.

I/We can not say enough good things about the people who participate in If you like meeting new motorcyclist of all brand persuasions this is the place to go.
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