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I have friends in the Batavia Il area. He teaches motorcycle safety at a local Harley dealer. They bring their kids out here often to Ventura to visit and go to the ocean.
Last year I finally managed to borrow a GL1800 from another friend so my buddy from Batavia could go for a ride. He on mine and I ride the friends. We rode on some of the scenic twisty mountain roads we have right here. Up into the foothills and around small man made lakes. Up into the tree lines and even some tunnels. His biggest comment..... "I'm just not used to all these twisty blind turns"! But he absolutely loved it! Has to ride forever to find roads like this back home.

I'm thinking you will be enjoying the experience out here. Yes Kalyphornya is screwed up politically. But the weather and riding in our back yard is amazing.
I live just North West of Azusa, in Ventura County. I can ride all the way up to the San Francisco area and never hit a freeway. Or take a lunch ride up to Avila Beach. That's 400 miles round trip. Something I never take for granted.
The 2nd photo is looking North out my front window in late January. And I can see the snow and still then mow my lawn!
I think you'll be having quite an adventure. Just don't dwell on the crazy's!

Corventure Dave


21 - 21 of 21 Posts