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Anyone know of a good software program to search for music info, like song name, artist, album, etc.

I tried a search and decided to try "Fix Tunes" V-2.72 h4vU-YgCFQFrVAoddA9_pQ

It works ok but I'm sure some of you must have used other programs.

I'm mainly interested in looking up music that I've copied over the years to my H.D.
Not so much from CD's

My music came from various sources like on-line radio, old LP's, even "8" Tracks. They were saved to my h.D. as mp3 format.

The file names consist of...
"the song name"_"Artist name".mp3
"Artist name"_"The song name"
(W/O "" marks) type of format.

I'd like a program independent of music players like WMP etc.
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