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Going this weekend to finalize my gw purchase, would like to ask the dealer to install some accessories before delivery,
What are the must have accessories ?
all together would like to keep it around 2k max.
Thank you,

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I would start with running lights in the lower cowl, heated grips (although if you only ride in L.A. area you might not need), rear spoiler with extra brake light, Utopia backrest and replace as much of the gray plastic as you can with chrome. Start with the front lower cowl, back portion of the side covers, back of passenger floorboards, basically everthing below where the paint stops. Then I would add XM radio myself. Don't forget headset for your helmets. Gotta think that is close to 2k. The CB and CD player are not very good from Honda. Much of the stuff you can order from Hal here online and save a bunch of bucks by doing it yourself.

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You are going to get a million different answers. My "can't live withouts" are someone else's "chrome". Unless you KNOW you want an item that is difficult to install (like CB) you will probably install extras for less, and do a better job, if you install them yourself, rather than have the dealer do it. You may also change your mind about what accessories you want.

OTOH, do get ABS. It may save your life, or your passenger's. A good investment. The CD changer has been major trouble for years, and should be avoided.

Get the bike. Ride it for a little while. Then, start adding extras. You will have a better idea of what you want. Enjoy. You're getting a wonderful bike.

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There are almost no "must have accessories"

First, a disclaimer: I'm pretty much out of step with a large percentage of
Wingers, especially the 1500 owners of yore, when it comes to decorating
the bike.

Second, I have no idea what your riding background is. Perhaps, you just
traded in the 1500 and want to customize the 1800 to look like the 1500.
Hopefully, this isn't the case. Or perhaps you are a sport-touring rider,
who just make the perfect choice for your ride.

JMHO, but the 1800 has no "must have" aftermarket stuff, especially in the
first year of ownership.:twisted: Well, there is one, and that is... headsets
for you and your co-rider. They really make the ride into a beautiful
event to share with a loved one (also, you can tell her to stop wiggling
around on the curves and at the stop lights). Below, are some
recommendations, if you are an avid rider:

Very functional-
Fog lights-light up the night, and be safe doing it

Mirror Wings (Baker built)- truly the best $40 you will ever spend on the
bike. They keep your hands warmer in the winter, keep you and your
co-rider cooler in the summer, and best of all they really keep your hands
much drier in the rain. If there is a "must have", this would be it.

"tankslappers" protective plastic ($20) for the faux gas tank to stop your
chaps, jeans or raingear from rubbing the beautiful black paint, or its clear

Possibly a good idea-
xm receiver- makes the miles just roll by with a driving beat.

luggage rack- they look nice as they kind of balance the looks of the bike,
but better than that they come in handy for a long trip when your three
bags are likely to be full, especially when you will face dramatic
temperature swings. Best of all, it will save you from spending $3000 on a
trailer that will take away some of the riding thrill.

So there you are; if you buy all the stuff I listed, you will have spent the
same $720 that I did a year ago. :)

You didn't ask for things not to get, but here is my list for that:
CB ($1000)-who wants to spend their day chattering rather than enjoying
the ride? Hand signals are all you need.

CD changer ($1000)- old technology and way too expensive, even if it did
work well. Buy a MP-3 or XM radio and just plug it in @ the left front pocket.

A trailer- unless you are going to camp your way around the country. Just
get a grip on the lady of the house, pack like you were in the military and
invest the $3000 in the stock market.

Safety chrome - oh well, this is just a matter of taste.

Driver backrest-I am an old man that had serious multiple back operations
years ago and averages 400 to 750 miles, a day on trips, and I don't need
one of these things, why do so many other people? Secondly, do you
really want your wife or SO sitting right behind the metal gear that holds
the backrest in place? Yikes! think about that! BTW, you can buy a "Back Align" riding back brace from CycleGadgets for $40 that will do a better
job, be much more versatile, and will never bother the lady you love so much.

Arm rests for the lady of the bike- please! She already has more space
than we do, speaker enclosures for her to rest against, handles and your
waist to hold on to. Another bonus is that she gets to listen you your every
statement, and give you her view on everything she thinks of, thanks
to those nice headsets you bought. The only reason I can see doing
armrests, is to get her, to forget about the iron work (for your backrest)
that you put right infront of the family future.

That should be enough advice to get you started. I think I saved you $5000 to $6000.

Hope this helps.

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First of all forget all that chrome plastic, most of that stuff is stuck on with two sided tape and you can do that yourself if you so desire. The fog lights and the heated grips are a pain to install and some dealers will do it for free when you buy the bike, that makes them worthwhile to buy at time of purchase . Personally, I like my Utopia backrest and some are uncomfortable punching a hole in the seat to install one. I think the rear speakers are a must, and while your dealer is installing the other stuff he might as well do that for you. Highway pegs are a very personal choice and a no brainer to install. My wife and I haven't used headsets since the first six months with our '91 GL1500 thirteen years ago. Especially after riding a Harley for a while, we can hear well enough without them to communicate all we need to. The spoiler with brake light is something you might consider at time of purchase. It adds another bright light to alert the brain dead cell phone user behind you that you are slowing, and you don't want to make a mistake installing it yourself, trunk lids are expensive. I've got an $800 trailer I pull when my wife travels with me, which is about one week a year. When I travel alone, I strap my tent and sleeping bag to the back seat. To me a luggage rack is a pain to clean around, and the max weight is so low that it isn't worth fooling with. Well there you go, another list to confuse you. When you come right down to it, all the Wing "must" have is gasoline, oil and tires. :D

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Must have items
1. Tulsa belly pan because it provides protection for an exposed coolant bottle.
2. EC driving lights because they are great at night.
3. Aftermarket shield because the OEM sucks, Tulsa if you want to be in a non air environment and don't mind looking through the shield or Windbender if you want to look over the shield.
4. 12v adapter in the left glove box to run plug in things like cell phone.
so your looking at around $500-600 and you have a lot to decide on.
Everything else I would wait on until you have a chance to put some miles on the bike and see what you need. I have these items plus Kury pegs which I would not do again.

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Must haves for me? First, the Honda's GL 1800 service manual. Then come the CB and CD changer. They work great, and the CB is something you'll wish you had if you do any group riding whatsoever. When people say the CD changer doesn't work, or it's not convenient, I have no idea what they're talking about. Mine is awesome and I love it! But strictly speaking, it's a luxury, and a pretty costly one at that.

Beyond that, you'll probably want highway pegs, and the Kuryakens come highly recommended. But the single best piece of safety chrome I've purchased is the Front Fender Extender, because it keeps the road crud from splashing up on the front of your engine. (Why didn't Honda just make the fender longer?)

That's my two cents!

John in Vegas

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I bought my 02 in July 02 and have 13k miles on it. All I've added so far is the fender ext., mbl risers, Tulsa mirror wings, rear speakers, a Sony mini disc player, and a Bike Buoy cup holder. Sometime in the future, I'd really like to add a spoiler w/brake light for added viz.

Have fun riding! :D

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Wingless - I certainly recognize your urge to get the right accessories and there are a large assortment of great ones to choose from, but I would say for a few weeks, fight the urge and ride your bike to get some first hand ideas of what you are going to want. I am sure that I'm not the only one who bought some accessories initially that I later regretted only to replace them with something that I found that was better.

Initially, establish your priorities on area such as safety accessories, utility and comfort accessories, and the beauty enhancement accessories. I'd focus on the first two categories and then work on the latter. Believe me this process goes on for easily 2 years, if not more, before you have it down to your ultimate tastes (if you're anything like me).

I'd put high on your list such items as:

Driving lights - Electrical Connections Ion my rec. (55 watt)
Mirror lights and Stealth light bar - Kuryakyn my rec
Extended front fender - Bushtec (or less expensive Big Bike)
Tire plug kit and on board compressor - Compressor from Walmart $10 and strip the outer shell
Power Plug for left front storage - Electrical Connections
1/2 Bike cover - UltraGard
Backrest - Utopia
Headset for you and rider - J & M
Rear spoiler for more brake light (and E.C. running light harness)
Good all weather protection and glove variety
Honda Owners Manual Folio ($16.96 for storing owners manual and important papers)
Honda Service Manual - Hard paper copy
Front Highway Pegs - Kuryakyn 4056 Ergo II
Honda Deluxe Mat Set for saddlebags and trunk

Then you can go from there and have at it. I might add that all of the above are pretty easy to install yourself and you get to know your bike in the process. One last thing is get a supply of OEM oil filters, and good oil and Honda Oil filter wrench to change your oil too.

Good luck and enjoy the process of making your Wing as you want it,


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Good Inputs Above

Boy, you got some good inputs from the folks above, with lots of good details. I do not have the ABS version, but I would advise getting one with ABS -- my next one will. Also, I agree with the folks above on getting the following installed by the dealer when you get the bike as some of them are just a little challenging, especially at first:

--Driving lights; if he has the EC lights, I would go with them vs the Honda.

--If you want heated grips, have them installed. Sometimes I could use them here in Colorado, but I prefer the looks of the ISO grips (I have the ISO cruising pegs, riding pegs, brake pedal, and grips as I like the ISO look).

--If you ride with folks with a CB, then having the dealer install it will save you a hassle; just make sure that you can get your dealer to match HALs price or install it for free. I bought mine from HAL later on and my dealer installed it for $75 -- was worth it for me.

--I would wait on most of the other things until I have the bike at home and can really evaluate the look that you want to have. And, you won't know this until you have it and have been around it for a while. I have installed several chrome pieces in select places only. Instead of some of the chrome strips, I went with a southwestern/Indian paint trim in key locations. Chrome strips would detract from that and look cluttery.

--I must agree on things of necessity being the Tulsa Belly Pan and the Fog/Driving lights. I would also advise getting a Service Manual from the dealrer or HAL, depending upon the price. I also find the paper version to be easier to use than the CD.


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This post is a pretty good drill. So I thought, hey lets put in some
comments about all the stuff we lament over. What follows is my list of
lessor items that were not in my previous post.

If you are interested in more of my biases, here goes in categories of
Yes/Maybe and No Way:

Yes/Maybe :D

Front fender extension (they help the cleaning staff)

Rear speakers (if you don’t like headsets, or helmets)

Speedo corrector (or do the math for the 5%to 9% error)

Extended warranty (oh, yeah!)

Tour King 1/2 cover (dew no more)
(This brand takes up one pint of space)

AMA membership (towing, too)

New suspension (when your's
Sag and makes you drag a peg)

Garage items:
Battery Tender

Service Manual (unless you won’t do any work on it)

No Way: :evil:

Super brace

After market clutch/brake levers
(they usually cause problems)

Big windshield (it’s a MC, enjoy the wind)

GPS (get lost, its not so bad)

Air horns (eh?)

Custom seat (unless you also put one into your new car)

Hiway pegs (they will drag when you are riding it like you stole it)

Belly Pan (I’ve always said that I have enough trouble with my belly,
without adding a pan, but it may give a little extra protection to the radiator reservoir.
I don’t have one)

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Corbin Seat (comfort)

Fog Lights (added safety)

Kury Stealth & Mirror turnsignal combo kit (added safety)

Brake light modulator (safety)

CD Changer (for fun).

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wow i get to spend your money with all my hints now.

kury iso grips for hand comfort

kury flat luggage rack for that extra stuff that the wife needs along for no reason

kury rack bag to hold all that extra syuff the wife needs along

satellite radio for tunes--skip the $ 1000 cd changer that doesnt work anyhow

tulsa driving lights for safety and being able to see better

pocket power plug

utopia backrest for getting there in good shape

no chrome--adds no comfort what so ever--spend money on toys and comfort

trunk liner bags for keeping stuff where it should be

and a 4 year warranty extension next time some one has it on sale

and keep the rest of the money in the budget for gas, because as nice as this one is set up, it will not be parked much


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While I don't think a GPS is necessary initially, if you're planning on doing a lot of distant traveling and vacations on your Wing, a good GPS can be extremely valuable and worthwhile and provides a wealth of information. It's one of those items you'd think, why would I ever need one and once you have it and use it say "my gosh, how did I live without one".

Three things you won't take away from me on my bike, my Utopia backrest, my XM radio and my Street Pilot III.


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For now ?

For now ? Until you see a few wings and really know what you want ? I would do just these.
1. ABS...........Without question
2. Tulsa Belly Pan
3. Baker Mirror Wings
4. EC Driving Lights.............Super White. Chrome cowl too !
5. CB

This is all I would get for right now, I would strongly suggest you wait for awhile to see what other Items look like on other wings, and talking to people that have them etc. When I first got my bike I thought I wanted a lot of things until I seen them in real life. Big differance. These would be my must have's. :s27:

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First go to E/C, order radio filters, rear speaker set maybe, front pocket outlet, fog lights, front amber led and possible the rear if not considering led lights on trunk and saddlebag. A stealth light helps alot to be visble at night. Xm radio, sony mini disc recorder, air wings, and the Service Manual is a must. Like others have said, "It depends on YOUR style", distance runner, town cruiser, spit and shine, or rainbow. Many people will be willing to help you with add ons. So do not give to much to the dealer right off. Take you time for at least two weeks to study the service manual and gain confidence to unscrew plastic. Best of luck!

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I dont have ABS, but if I had to do it over probably would.

As far as the must have list:

Bulter Cup holder. (my first addon)
Rattlebar kick shifter
Backrest (of some sort)
Highway pegs or boards(either one you prefer)
Belly Pan ( has saved me before)

Of course there are more you can add on later. But if I had to redo it, these would be the first on my list.
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