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Any chance for integration with factory heated seat controls, in the future?
Yes, They are hoping to if they can engineer it. Here is the email below that I received from Mustang Tech Support. If they can figure it out, I will be in line to buy the seat.



Due to the extremely picky requirements of the onboard heating system, we were unable to get our heaters to play well with the OEM controls. We put our own heating system in the seat, and we provide a plug to allow the OEM systems to work uninterrupted even if there's no seat heaters in the circuit.

As a result, if you do not use our backrest with the seat, the front heat will perform as expected but flipping the rear switch away from the off position will cause the heat on the seat to stop working altogether. Setting both switches to off and turning the bike's electricity off and on again will restore normal operation to the front heater.

As I understand it, product development is hoping to offer a seat that will function with the onboard heat, provided we can engineer this.

Neal Schermerhorn
Customer Service - Technical
Mustang Motorcycle Products
4 Springfield St | Three Rivers | MA | 01080
P: 413-668-1126 | F: 800-243-1399
[email protected]
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