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Muth install help

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I just finished installing the right side and I pulled the mirror off the left side and there is no slack in the wire. The OEM connector is just a little lower than the rubber gasket but there is no way I can disconnect it. I pulled off the glove box but I can't find the wires that run up to the mirror. Also, the OEM mirror had a little plastic gasket that was crushed (crush washer?). I'm putting on Hand wings and I was wondering if I needed to find another plastic washer to put in the Muth. After this I'll be trying the modulator for the headlights. That looks like loads of fun...............:22yikes:

Thanks in advance
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I just did mine last week and with my big fingers it to a while to jiggle the wire and reach in and put the new plug in. i dont know about any washers as i have baker wings on the mirrors and had to take them off. All in all everything did go smoothly. Sorry i had no problem with the wiring but i also have an 03
I just gave it another look. There is no way I'm going to get the connector apart from the mirror area. I'll see what I can do through the storage pocket. Maybe I can work up some slack in the wires.
When you do install the Baker Air Wings, there is a separate note in there for installing them to Muth Mirrors. You have to remove the top black washer that is about 1/8" thick. Just put them on my bike with Muth Mirrors and noticed the little extra page in the directions.

Also, depending on how long ago you bought your air wings they told me that they had a small problem with the chromer getting chrome on the threads of some of the bolts. Most were caught before shipment, but some snuck their way out. I would try and fit the bolts before mounting the wings to make sure. If there is a problem they will send you a complete new set N/C. They are a great company to work with.
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