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My lovely wife bought me a Cobra Nav One GPS unit for my birthday. God bless her. Apparently she figured that all GPS are the same. The Cobra would certainly not have been my first choice. Nonetheless, I tried to make the Cobra work on my GL1800. Here are my experiences with this unit.

#1- The screen: This is the Nav One's best feature. The screen is very large and easy to read while riding.

#2- Ease of use: Cobra has made every effort to simplify the Nav One's operation. This unit could be titled "GPS For Dummies" as it is intended to be used by those motorists who want the simplest and most basic unit.

#3- Trip planning: I hoped this unit would plan trips like my computer's Tripmaker program but that is not the case. You'll need to know street addresses of everywhere you're intending to travel, unless your destination happens to be on the "Point Of Interest" list that is stored in the memory. It's best to program a list of potential destinations into the unit before you leave home.

#4- Glitches: First, this unit will always route you by the "shortest route" unless you program in "Points Of Interest" along the way that will take you on a longer route. The Nav One does not recognize that interstate highways are often faster than gravelled county roads. Unless my destination is directly ahead, this unit will tend to divert me off of the main highway at almost every intersection because it thinks that route is shorter. I would hate to see what it would do to me in an unfamiliar city. Trust me, the Cobra Nav One is no subsitute for a map.
Another glitch is that the Nav One calculates the distance to destination only in "as the crow flies" fashion. This feature means that every destination is always further than the unit tells you and it can lead to late arrivals, miscalculations in refueling stops and various other problems.

#5- Durability: Thankfully, my Nav One unit quit working "correctly" after a couple of months of use. Even though it has time left on it's one year warranty, I'm not sure if I'll bother to have it fixed. The Nav One has now navigated itself to an obscure corner of my garage and I have a feeling that it's final trip will be to the garbage can!
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