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I'm taking my adventure this year to Green Bay, WI. Why? Because I can. That and I'm a Packer fan so I figured I'd get a photo of my scooter in front of Lambeau Field. I'll pass thru about 6 national parks along the way and plan a Iron Butt 1500 on the way home.

Last year, on my trek to TWO (Suches, GA), I thought I'd post my daily ride notes, but just couldn't get to it at the end of the day. Hopefully, this year, I will be better at it.

These are my planned daily routes. If anyone finds the time and I'm in your neighborhood, let me know. We can do some miles together. Post up here or better, call me at seven zero seven four seven seven one three three nine.

Day 1, Sat. Sep. 10
2, Sun. Sep. 11
3, Mon. Sep 12,
4, Mon. Sep. 13
5, Tue., Sep. 14
6, Wed., Sep 15
7, Thur., Sep 16
8, Fri., Sep 17
9, Sat., Sep 18
10, Sun., Sep 19, I will spend in Green Bay sightseeing and sitting in a local pub watching the game with locals
11, Mon., Sep 20, (visit with Silver)
12, Tue., Sep 21 (visit with JMac)
13 & 14, Wed. Thur, Sep 22-23, my 1500 mile from JMac's to Reno, NV
15, Fri., Sep. 24, Reno to Home

If you have any interest in following along, click on the link to my Spot.

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You should have been at Lambeau last night. 125,000 for the party. Not bad for a town with a population of 100,000.
I wish I could have been there last night. Bet the after party was a blast!

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Day 1

Day one done. Sitting in my motel room after something to eat (won't call it dinner) and a local brew.

Launched about 0830 hours in bright sun light. No fog this morning around my house. North on 101 to Cloverdale and onto hwy 128. Great piece of road. Little bit of everything. And, bonus, freshly repaved.

As I got to 128 and hwy 1, I found the fog. Make a right onto Hwy 1 north into the fog. Not bad or heavy, just enough to cause a distraction.

This stretch of Hwy 1 runs along the ocean and tucks back in land just enough to put the ocean out of sight. Seems that each time the water comes into view it's a little more beautiful than the last. The temperature was a very comfortable 65 degrees.

Up to the town of Fort Bragg for a late breakfast. Stopped at a little place called Eggheads. Great food, good service. I recommend it should you find yourself in Ft. Bragg.

North out of Ft Bragg is a great piece of road. Clean, smooth and twisty. Having ridden both this road to Leggitt and the Dragon, I prefer the road to Leggitt. On a Saturday, almost no traffic and not one cop.

Once thru Leggitt, I continued north on hwy 101 into Humbolt County. Stopped in Garberville for gas. Reminded once again this is the hippie capital of California. Had a nice conversation with a Harley rider while he waited for his lady to come out of the store. Seems there was a weekend gathering nearby. There were about 50 Harleys parked in town as I made my way back to the freeway.

I traveled north to hwy 199 and turned right. It took about 10 minutes for the temperature to go from 65 to 95. Had me thinking about my desire to wear my gear. 199 is a nice piece of road. Lots of turns, some tight, most not. More traffic than hwy 1, but still, not bad.

Into Oregon and on to Grants Pass.

Pretty much a nice ride. Beautiful scenery, decent weather and good roads.

I took a couple photos, I'll add 'em tomorrow. The cord for the camera is downstairs on the bike and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Tomorrow takes me around Crater Lake to Burns, OR.

Tomorrow I ride, enjoying my life, my freedom. Tomorrow I ride with a heavy heart.

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Day 2

Day 2.

September 11, 2011. Ten years. My how time flies. As I sit in my motel room recovering from my day of enjoying this wonderful country, I watch the t.v. To be expected, there are stories from that day, long ago. I have some of the same feelings I had that morning. The footage still brings tears.

This morning started with a short trip around the block in Central Point, OR. (Yes, Chuck, I depended on my gps) But in my wayward travels, I did get to see a hot air balloon land. That was interesting. Gas up (you can't start your own gas pump here in OR. Gotta be some kind of work program), clean the windshield, check the tire pressure and I'm on my way.

I made the detour to go around the rim of Crater Lake. How beautiful. Reminds me a lot of Lake Tahoe. I did notice there are not boats on Crater Lake. The water is crystal clear.

I was going to post a photo of Crater Lake here and one of the balloon landing above, but I bought a new camera right before I left and am not familiar with it. I took short videos instead of photos and the web site won't let me post them.

I expected this part of OR to be the pretty green forests that there are in the west. I have not traveled in east OR before. The landscape is similar to high desert, lots of open two lane roads with easy curves. Averaged 75-80 mph all the way. Found my way to the intersection that, looking at the gas gauge, I had to make a right toward Klamath Falls or left to where I wanted to be. As I was checking the gps for the nearest gas, an old Chevy pick up stops beside me and asks if I need help. The local pointed me left with the promise of gas about 15 miles up the road even though the gps said nothing of it. And yes, there was a Chevron station right where he said it would be.

Looking for food in the metropolis of Bly, OR on a Sunday afternoon is limited to what's in the quick mart at the Chevron. Looking at the "town" as I passed thru, I don't know if there are more choices Monday thru Friday.

Back on the road, more of the same. Open two lane. 75-80 mph. Considered turning up the speed, but I've heard my get out of jail free card is not valid in this state.

Right about the time I was about to zone out from boredom, I found about 10 minutes of a stiff cross winds. That woke me up! There were two spots of rain. Both only about 5 minutes and I dried faster than I got wet.

Once again, with the fast, open roads, I passed my planned stop of Burns, OR. and continued on for another hour and a half. I landed in Ontario, OR right near the Idaho boarder.

Tomorrow I'll make Sawtooth Nat'l Forest and Craters of the Moon Nat'l Monument on my way to Driggs, Id.

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Day 3

I slept thru the alarm till 0740. Oops. Oh, and when I finally got my sorry a$$ going, I figured out I'm in Mountain time zone, not Pacific. So now I'm an hour 40 behind!

Out of the motel to the gas station. Once again forgetting I'm in Oregon and can't start the gas pump on my own.

On to the freeway (I hate the freeway but there was no other reasonable route) thru Boise. California could learn a few things about roadways from Idaho. The drivers outside of CA have been very polite, too.

Turn off to Hwy 20 and big open spaces. I thought I saw some big open spaces on my trip thru New Mexico last year. Today, it was like looking at the ocean. The prairie went on to the horizon. Awesome. Lots and lots of 80 mph roads. Set the cruise control and lean for the few turns in the road. Actually saw some cops today. One stopped behind a broken tractor trailer rig and the second going the other way. With my doing 80 in a 65 I kept watch on my mirrors to see the uturn and lights. But it didn't happen!

Stopped for gas in Silver Creek and found the station to be a cool little store and eatery. The guy that owned the place worked the register and he was the postmaster, too. There was a rig hauling a dozer that was parked across the street. It had 42 tires! (yes, I counted)

Made a detour thru Craters of the Moon Nat'l Monument. It starts before you get to the entrance to the park. It looks like someone plowed up the rock. It's hard to describe, but interesting to see. Took the tour thru the park.

I got to Arco, ID and saw the mountain behind the town. Looks like the class of each year of the local high school makes their mark on the face of the mountain. The oldest mark I could see was for the class of '22.

Continuing east, I watch the clouds gather and grow. As I approach Idaho Falls, it comes clear I'm going to run into some rain. The forecast for Jackson, Wy today was thunderstorms. I saw some lightening off in the distance, of course right where I'm headed. Or so I thought. Fortunately I turned left (east) right before I found the rain. I managed to run along the storm.

As I entered the town of Victor, ID, I watched the storm traveling thru the mountains toward me. I decided to find a motel and call it quits for the day in Driggs, ID.

Forecast for tomorrow is isolated thunderstorms. We'll see how it goes. I plan on Grand Teton, Yellowstone and Bighorn parks. Hope it don't rain.

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reading along

Sounds like a great ride. The Tetons, Yellowstone and the Bighorns in 1 day? I thought the IBR was on the way back. If you've already been there-done that, I guess, but I did them last year in 4 days and would still need at least 3 if I were there now. Just too much to soak in.


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Day 4

Day 4 (a day late)

Up and out by 0830 to ride 20 miles back to where I was the afternoon before. But, if you will remember, I made the decision to go to Driggs instead of over the hill to Jackson. Back thru the road construction and of course, I get stuck at the flagman. Oh, well, gave me time to properly suit up. I left in jeans (ya, I know atgatt) and decided, much to the amusement to the girl in the car behind me, to put my riding pants on. And on over the hill. The sky was clear, the air brisk, the road dry.

I traveled over the pass on Hwy 14. The peak was 9033 ft. Start down the other side and come around a bend in the road to find the valley covered in fog. What a sight! What a road! Except where there was more road construction, the road is clean and smooth. 8 to 10% downgrade makes for a fast trip down.

Nice morning, nice ride into Jackson. Once I arrived, I kicked myself for not braving it over the hill in the rain. I hit downtown Jackson and pulled over to figure out where the "Mangy Moose" was. This was mentioned to me by my girlfriend as a pleasant memory of hers. Of course, "make a uturn and travel 4.3 miles". Such is life.

So, I make the uturn and travel the 4.3 miles and turn right. What I found was well worth the trip. Jackson Hole, WY is beautiful. The towering mountains, the blue sky.

I find the Mangy Moose and park the bike. Time for breakfast.

Then I'm off to find Grand Teton Nat'l Park. What a beautiful place. A nice ride (for about a mile) then it's a dirt road! Only for a short while, then it's well paved. Beautiful ride thru the park.

Out to the highway, turn left and just like that, I'm entering Yellowstone. Once again, such a beautiful place. Yellowstone Lake is so beautiful. I was watching a natural burn on the north side of the lake as I made my way around. I find it interesting that just a few years ago, the Park Service would fight these fires, now, when they are naturally started, they just let them burn. A lot of the route I took thru the park had signs of burns. And the signs of renewal. The old, burned trees and the new starts growing.

The mountains, the sky line. Kind of like entering Yosemite. If you ever feel like you're all that, take a ride thru Yellowstone or Yosemite. Kinda put me in my place.

Out of the park and on to Sheridan, my planned stop. Not quite done for the day, I continued on to Buffalo.

Tom Bodett left the light on for me and I found the place to park my head for the night.

After check in, I went to find dinner. I found Wyoming is not a vegetarian friendly place.

I have some photos, but, once again, the cord for the camera is on the bike and I'm too lazy to go get it. I'll post 'em up along with Day 5 tomorrow.

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Okay... now for day 5

I wake in Buffalo, WY and wander out to pack the bike. And I find puddles of water in the parking lot. It rained thru the night and is still raining at launch time. Bummer. Good thing I have a good rain suit. I know it works having tested it last year in Texas in the leading edge of a hurricane. So, off I go.

Not much to report for the day. Tried to out run the rain. Spent 3 or 4 hours riding in it, but finally, I get ahead of it. Still dark and cloudy, but not raining.

Wyoming on a gray day is nothing to write about. I decided to hit the interstate and cover as much ground as I could. Out of Wyoming, into South Dakota.

I was supposed to turn north shortly into South Dakota and head up to North Dakota and Montana, but due to the weather just kept on the interstate. I had the choice of dealing with rain in the south part of the state or rain and freezing temps up north. I opted for the rain. So, on to Murdo, South Dakota, not far from Sturgis.

Pull into this small town and find a small, clean motel. Turned out to be a really nice motel. Clean, fresh paint, new fixtures. Great deal for $45 for the night.

When I parked, it was dry and the sun actually shone. I found a place for dinner and a beer then hit the sack.

On to Day 6

I woke to my alarm at 0700. But it's still dark. It's not supposed to be dark at 7 in the morning. Then it dawns on me (no pun intended). I saw the "entering Central time zone" sign a few miles back. I'm on the west edge of the time zone so the sun thinks it's not supposed to be up yet.

Watching the weather channel, the Doppler radar showed the rain moving east, just starting in Murdo. I step outside. Lo and behold, it's just starting to rain. Not only the rain but it's about 38 degrees. Brrrr.

Hurry to pack and suit up to try to get ahead of the rain again.

Get on down the interstate (once again, dark and gray). Nothing really to see or look at with the low clouds. On the leg, I was supposed to see Devil's Tower and Mt. Rushmore. But given the low clouds and rain playing catch up with me, I decide to bypass these attractions. So, set the cruise and cover some miles. Made it thru a good portion of South Dakota and all of Minnesota. I could see them both being beautiful places if not for the clouds.

I make my planned stop and still feel good enough to press on. So, on to La Crosse, WI I go. Make La Crosse, find dinner and a beer and call it a night.

Day 7

Wake, pack the bike and decide to chance the clouds. No rain suit today. It was chilly without it. I figure a short day in the saddle, it's only 3 hours from La Crosse to Green Bay. So, off I go.

I take my time, stop for an early lunch in Sparta, WI. Nice little coffee shop in small town America. A great reminder of why I take these trips.

As I get to Green Bay, I stop at Team Motorsports to check my rear tire. It's looking a little thin to me and wanted to ask what they thought. Pull in, introduce myself and request they look at my rear tire. They happily oblige.

The tire guy comes out with us and checks the rear. He tells me it looks like maybe another 1000 miles left. Good news! I'm thinking I'll call to order a tire and have it delivered to JimmyMacs for changing when I land there Tuesday. The tire guy is now at the front of my bike and he says....... "You might want to look at this". You know that is not a good thing.

He's pointing to a slice across the center of my front tire. Not real deep but I'm not wanting to trust a trip across 3/4 of this great country with a defective front tire. S&%$. Oh, well, new rubber for the front, may as well match the rear. Not an expense I expected, but that's the way it goes sometimes. He did tell me my brakes look good with about 70% left.

Great folks at the dealership. I pulled it at 1500 hours and was outta there before 1615, with a clean bike! They washed it, too! Nice touch. Good people, great service but a little pricey. So, new shoes for the ride home.

Off to my hotel which is one block from Lambeau Field. What a sight. What a good looking stadium. Stop to take a couple photos then on to the hotel.

Tomorrow, sightseeing. A tour of the stadium, the Packer's Hall of Fame. I spoke with my daughter on the phone. She reminded me I'm not far from Lake Michigan. Maybe I'll ride to see what's there.

In the meantime, it's nap time.

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Re: My most excellent adventure v.2011

When I got into town last night.

The stadium at night.

We got to go to the field on the tour. What a cool place to be. We walked out the player tunnel. It's a cool setup.

I spent the day at the stadium. Took the tour and spent about 3 hours in the Packer's Hall of Fame. What a day! Now I'm gritting my teeth watching OU beat Florida St. Whew! Glad that's finally over.​
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