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Interesting facts I have discovered about the Honda 2018 Goldwing info center.
It is almost impossible to use Google Maps, Garman, MapQuest or anything else that I have tried, AND get it correct right off the bat. I have been playing with this from the first day I bought my new Goldwing. Now that the have the upgrade to 2019 I have found that Honda Trip Planner does work. With a little effort it is easy to figure out. However no matter what software you use, IF the bike will read your GPX file, the way points in your route must be called 1, 2, 3, etc. etc.. Your file name must not have any spaces or special characters, no comma, no period, no ampersand....
I do use Google maps, export to Visualizer, then to GPS Babble, with a bit of success, but that is time consuming and not really handy at all.
I have had success with Harley Davidsons trip planner and with the Honda Trip planner. If you use Garman Base Camp, get creative with your way point (wpt) names. Call the first stop A or B or 1a then 1b... but keep them in order. If you use address as a waypoint name, the Goldwing will sort them in numerical order and your trip will go nuts on the map.
Another thing I brought to Honda's attention in the beginning, they only used Longitude and Latitude out to three decimal points. Garmin will go out six or more, but I think they fixed that.
I have also found that in your music folder, if you are tidy and don't want to just dump all your tunes into one folder, all common sense has been ignored here too. I wanted (or expected) I could start with a "MUSIC" folder for all my music, then make a "60's" folder, then make my album folder, then the tunes. I built my playlists. set them out and bam... scrambles eggs on my screen. Scattered all about. After much sorting, and fixing, I discovered that some where it the world there is a code writer who is NOT a music lover, and he sorts them Alphabetically if you chose the "songs" option, or by "folders" It just lists the mp3's in order, not by artist or album. Forget about a shuffle or playlist option, he never thought of that.
I hope this helps someone a little bit.
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