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Does anyone here live around Wolcott / West Lafayette, Indiana?

My wife and I were on the wing pulling the aluma trailer, headed for our cabin near Seymour for an overnight stop, and then on to Cookeville, TN for Sunday and Monday.

We didn't make it to Seymour, we barely made it to the Econolodge at Rt 43 and I-65. The weather was about the worst I've ever been out in, and those of you that know me know that I can summon torrential downpours by just THINKING about taking a ride.

Remember the deluge during Wingstock a couple of years ago? That was a warm spring day compared to Saturday. We stood under an overpass (actually 2 different ones) for more than 2 hours waiting for the severe storms to pass on towards the northeast. Continuous CTG lightning, straight-line winds of 50 mph (estimated), and heavy rain made it unsafe to be on the bike. Finally decided to sprint for the Rt 43 exit and a room for the night. Several other riders were headed for Lebanon, IN, about 30-40 miles down I-65 and they wound up getting a room for the night too. It doesn't matter how close home is, when it's not rideable, it's not rideable.

I sure hope no one was hurt but those were some serious storms. I'm no stranger to riding in bad weather but this was not just bad weather it was dangerous weather. Having my wife along helped me understand how a less experienced rider looks at situations like this. I can see where peer pressure (c'mon, let's go - everybody else is leaving) could get someone in trouble very quickly.

The smart choice (for us, anyway, and several others too) was a room for the night. Just wait the weather out and continue under blue skies.

On the plus side, the two-lanes through Kentucky and Tennessee were great.
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