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I have a few sets of black powder coated National Cycle Comfort bar extensions for sale. The OEM extensions of 76MM (the longest you can get) were too short for me. So I went to a fabricator and had a few sets made to help fix my problem. I then took them to a powder coater and had them coated black. I also have the OEM 76MM extensions for sale, since they were too short for me.

I show the OEM 76MM extension setting on the longer 6 1/4" extension installed on my bike for reference.

The length sizes stated are end to end of the extension. Not to center of the holes.

I have three sets of the length 5 3/4" long.

I have two sets of the length 6 1/4" long.

The one set of OEM measures 4 1/4" long.

I will take $35.00 for each set plus shipping.


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