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NC & SC lunch run

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Ok I am going to post on both boards to see what interest I get. Was thinking about get together for NC and SC ridders, an informal lunch run sometime around mid to late part of March. Was thinking about Columbia SC maybe at Maurice's Piggie Park off I-26 at exit 113 or I-26 exit 110 both have rooms we can use. Any interest?

Ok March 21 at Maurice's BBQ Piggie Park, Columbia, SC 1600 Charleston Hwy. Exit 113 off of I-26 12:30 pm.

Come on SC ridders where are you.
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If you get any interest I will come say Hi. I live in Lexington, South Carolina, those places are almost in my back yard.

count me in

Someone take the ball and run I'll be there. I'm about 100 miles away in Pickens,S.C.
Would think that Charlotte would be central for everyone, not Columbia.
Columbia is about 35 miles away , Charlotte about 75 miles , it don't matter to me.
Pick a date and a place and lets get after it!!

Any place in NC./SC. is in everyones back yard so it don't
matter where it is... Lets ride! :thumbup:

Whats up with this?? I only see one other SC. rider
going to a NC./SC. lunch meet in South Carolina!!

There has to be guys out of Fort Mill SC.,Rock Hill SC.,or
other SC. areas. There sould be a bunch of Chralotte
NC. riders also....

Where the heck are the South Carolina guys?? :shock:
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