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Any of you done a track day on a Wing? I'm really tempted to do this!

"Once again Cycle World will be sponsoring a track day at NCbike May 24, 25 AND 26th! We will be offering special pricing of ONLY $150 for new riders who have not ridden with Team Pro-Motion and gear rental for only $25! Thats a $300 package for only $175. There will be a special event just for the ladies on Sunday the 25th. If enough women sign up, the Track Day Girl group will have special sessions just for women riders that will be coached by women as well!!

If you have not done a track day before here is what to expect: New riders take the ART1 class and are placed in the ART/WHITE beginners group. You are out on the track with others just like yourself that are either brand new to the track or still at the beginner level. You are NEVER on the track with intermediate and expert level riders. The first half of the day you do 20 minute ART classroom session followed by 15 minute track sessions. In ART you learn a great deal of information from the "race line" all the way to proper body positioning. I learned more in one day of ART1 than I have ever learned being out on the streets.

It does not take much for you motorcycle to pass the tech inspection. You need good brake pads, tire tread, tape off all lights/mirrors, and by sure that all nuts and bolts are tight as they should be. You cannot have any leaks of any kind as well. I would be happy to look over your bike and give you any pointers about passing tech inspection."

NCBIKE track:
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