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I am just about to finish up my rebuild and looking for a few final parts.

1. Need just one, or a good price on a pair of LED lights that fit on the left and right-just above the head and below the faring. I have an older style and Kury has now changed styles and do not make the old one. This item is about one foot long and actually sticks on a chrome cover in the location mentioned. See picture # 1.

Found this item-thanks Harold! 2. Rubber for Passenger Floor Board. See Picture # 2

3. May replace the front speakers. If you have a nice pair, I think I might replace mine while I have the bike apart. See Picture # 3.

4. Need the upper front cowl. This fits behind the front tire but up higher than the lower cowl that is often replaced by a chrome one.

5. Faring trim strips. These are the ones that go between the shelter and the faring. I need them in yellow or chrome.

Thanks for your interest and help if you have any of these parts. Please reply with prices with shipping costs included.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts