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Hello fellow Wingers:

I'm not picking on you, just would like help from one or more of you if you could. I'm a tinkerer by nature and would like to run a little experiment.
I need your leftovers if you have installed the lit side and center mouldings of the lower trunk and the saddlebag mouldings. I would ask that one or two of you would please donate these pieces for my little project. If they are not broken in removal and just collectiong dust could you please help me.

I would be happy to pay for the shipping and any reasonable packing expenses to defray your cost of packaging up the pieces and freight, UPS, FEDEX, or USPS priority mail.

No I don'thave a Black wing mine is 2002 pearl yellow. To do my experiment I need the mouldings from a Black Wing.

Feel free to contact me if you can help me out: [email protected]


PS. please don't ask what for on the mouldings as the experiment may not even work and failure is a hard pill to swallow. If succesful I will Post my results.

Buck Yellow Wing :lol: 8) :lol: :goflag: :yw1: :22yikes:
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