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Hey all, merry Christmas!

DISREGARD! It was right where Pigeon Roost said it was, hidden inside that rubber boot. Thanks Pigeon Roost

I bought the small square digital volt meter from a link on a post about 5 months ago and finaly have a free day to mess with my wing, including installing it. I have read on posts that there is suposed to be a wire ready to plug into a volt meter or heated grips under the right side faring pocket behind the panel where I am installing the meter. Have looked and looked with a small flashlight but I can't find any such wire laying in there. Any of you know where to find the wires to hook the meter up?

2004 Titanium, and THANKS in advance for any info.

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The left and right pockets remove to reveal a boot on each side which contains several connecters. I beleive the one you want is red in color and is a two prong. At the left side it is typically used for the 12 accessory socket and on the right for heated grips. Its down in the rubber/plasic boot so you have to pull the connecters out and then put back the ones you do not need. Been a while and I hope my memory is serving well.

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