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Rode a few miles on a new level three, anyway one with ABS and no airbag. The white for '12 is really nice, if I were in the market for one that would be my color.

First impression, it looks better in front of you than in photos. The faring is wider and I think it comes back closer to your knee. The suspension is greatly improved, not sure what they did but on the bike I rode I could live with the new suspension. They did nothing to improve wind protection, after riding for a mile or two I remembered why my bike has a Windbender. Nice bike but not enough change to make me want to change bikes just yet.

The guy I traded bikes with did not know mine had the Maxi-Traxxion mod. His first comment after we traded back was "What kind of tires was I running? Because my bike was sure a lot quicker responding than his".
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