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Yeah I don’t begrudge the use of modulators. After all, they are rare in my neck of woods. We get to legally split lanes here, and the car/truck drivers are very polite about this. Mostly they move out of our way as we zoom thru. In other states where I’ve split a lane here and there the ever so friendly car drivers spit and throw open their car doors on you. So I try to think in terms of being friendly out on the roads. We get back what we put out.
To be honest, I never had so much fear riding like I have in the last couple of years. So much tech and comfort in cars, these days including the availability of endless phone options for so many drivers who can't even drive without all the above, it makes us want to light up everything around us. when I found out about the Kisan flasher, it was in my mailbox yesterday. We have to do anything to be seen. If the hwy/city traffic is light, I turn it off.
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