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There's no need for a new wiring harness. Everything is reused in a frame replacement. The only difference with the newer spec'ed frame, besides the added reinforcement of the rear triangle behind the floorboard, is the two bottom fuel tanks bolts are larger in dia.

Not totaly true!
My frame war replaced with a NOS likely '01 frame that is NOT one of the current designs. Plus the wiring harness was damaged in the re-assembly process.
The harness can be pulled through a fairly small hole in the frame when it is new and still flexable but kinda hard to do as it ages. The one who did the replacement said that pulling that rats nest through the frame holes was the hardest part of the job and even he admitted a new harness would have been the best way to go.
In my case there were a number of plastic connector bodies cracked and severly damaged in the process which has required repeated further repairs to keep them in place and or plugged in.
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