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Occasionally in my world of only working on GL1800s, new circumstances come up where I learn something new. Yesterday was such a day. Keep in mind that usually I fix a complaint like this with aftermarket springs such as ones made by Traxxion.

2008 GL1800 2whl

ODM: 49k

A customer comes in asking for a fork oil change, and, like many, complained of poor ride. He was on the fence weather a fork oil change was gonna be good "bang for the buck" regarding his complaint. I advised him doing a fluid change was more about PM then anything else, and what he really needed was new set of spring (Traxxion - $120 set). However, I don't stock Traxxion, but do have OEMs in stock ($15.35 each), and hardly ever sell them. I also said that when I remove his old springs, I'm sure that I'll find them well within spec, and with his mileage will probably find them about 1/8" shorter then the new ones.

I said the front end will ride similar to how it rode when new. As I said that, in my mind I was thinking, "what wrong with that?" Again, I'm so used to fixing such a problem with a spring made with better steel.

Here is what I found. Basically, all evidence pointed towards a Wing that was gently used, and softly ridden. The fork fluid in the right fork still had some pink to it, the left didn't stink nearly as bad as expected, and their was little to no difference in the old-to-new spring length. As I was putting it back together, I thought "the most he's gonna get out of this was a fluid change as PM."

However, not so true ... what a different ride !!! The new front springs maked it ride like a new Wing, and the "fist test" between the front fender to cowl increase by more then 1/2".

Possibly if Honda had used a better grade-of-steel in their Springs, we'd all have a better riding Wing for years instead of such a short time ... like less then 49k.

My take-away on this repair - Honda's discard spec is BS. From this point forward, unless a Wing comes in with aftermarket springs, all fork overhauls get some form of new springs. For an additional $30.70 what a great investment for the customer.


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I was just thinking about this today as I was riding home from work, I bought my bike with 67K on it, been doing PM work to it, check valve clearance, flush brake fluids and fork oil and mite as well replace the fork springs.

Thanks for this write up.
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