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Hi All,
I've just joined the world of Goldwings. Last month i purchased a 2002 GL1800A in illusion red colour with 135500km on it. It came from a family friend. This is my second bike and i haven't ridden in several years (my first bike was a 79 suzuki 425L), so this is quite a bit of an upgrade for me. I'm looking forward to doing some cruising and have been doing a lot of reading on here to educate myself. The bike is in very good condition with the exception of a couple items which is what i wanted to ask about here. The PO had added quite a bit of chrome accessories (euro tail lights, chrome brake rotor covers, side radiator chrome covers with chrome screening, kuryakyn highway pegs, etc. He also added fog lights and added trunk and saddlebag accessory lighting from kuryakyn. On the trunk and saddlebag lighting 3 of the LED lights don't appear to light up and they're staggered, not in a row. 2 on top and 1 on the bottom. Does anyone know if these can be fixed or do i have to replace the whole strip/section. Second question is the cruise control light is always on. The switch does nothing when pressed accept makes the light flicker slightly but the cruise does work. It just won't turn off. Is this a common problem and is it easily fixed? Other than these couple of items the bike is in very good condition for it's age. I'd also like to add aux. plug and 12V DC jack so i can install/mount my iphone. Is this a simple process? I was reading a bit about it on here and it looks relatively straight forward.
Looking forward to spending lots of time here reading and learning.
Thanks in advance
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