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I have looked at all of the Settings pertinent to my account, and all I can find is how a thread will be listed, Linear, etc...

What is NOT happening is, any thread that I have read, does NOT become invisible to me when I do a New Posts again.

What I am experiencing is that New Posts simply lists every post on the Entire Forum database in order of Most Recent post time/date.

that isn't how it is supposed to work, a thread that is read should disappear for weeks at a time IF no one has made a new post to that thread.

I find it aggravating for all of the threads to keep being relisted, because I always use New Posts. In fact, I always use a Bookmark for New Posts in my web browser.... but click on New Posts does the same thing.

So, what is needed to stop the listing of previously read posts???

I cannot find a place to send this to Admin, so put it in FAQs
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