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New Tires

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Got a set of Stones coming from Hal! First tire change on my 2006 Wing!
Got the manual - can remove wheels OK.
Anything I should be checking or doing while wheels are off, not mentioned in the manual?
Do we still grease the splines like I did on my 1500?
Thanks for the help
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No splines to grease on the 1800. Check brake pad wear.
Dawg..I'm curious...
Just how many miles do you have on that 06 with this being your first tire change??

Rocky (who can only get 4-4,500 miles from his tires)
Ashamed to say I've only got 12K on it!
My wife had a stroke and a brain bleed during a procedure to stint a blocked vetebal artery.
Then, since I thought she was getting all the attention, I decided to have a heart problem that resulted in quad by-pass surgery!
God decided we could start longer distances again, late last fall.

Also, after ordering the tires - I checked my OEM tires, only to find I have many, many miles left on them!
Glad I ordered from Hal anyway, as his sale is a great savings!
Do we still grease the splines like I did on my 1500? No! 5 Lug Nuts and off! The GL1800 is GREAT.
I don't miss that greasy job, plus there were no trike take offs, so to speak that could be used for backups. I agree, the 1800 is great.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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