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My new Escapade is scheduled to be ready 9-13-06 ... earlier than orginally estimated...Patrick at California Sidecar called me with the news....I plan on picking it up in Virginia... ordered my Bushtec hitch this morning from Hal while the 10% Labor Day sale is going on... he also said he will send the trailer harness .. is an isolator still needed ?
A question about installing the hitch and trailer isolator.. anyone have any hints ??


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The harness that comes with the Bushtec Hitch has the isolation relays built in. I am not familiar with the Escapade.....if it has the separate turn are in good shape. If it has combined turn signals and brake will need a 5/4 wire converter after the isolation harness.

The biggest deal with this hitch is to be carefull with the lower mounting points for the saddlebag supports. You will change the bolts on both sides with a longer bolt. It is very easy to strip the threads at this point. Only use your fingers until you are certain the threads are properly engaged. Only other point is on the left side at the top sure not to pinch any of the bikes wiring with the strut.

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