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Well, ah hadta make a run to Houston yesterday fer a meeting, so ah figgered
ah'd take the Wing an' give Allen's new windshield some more road

At highway speeds, the w/s directs the wind about 3-4" above it's top by the
time it reaches you. I was curious as to why the buffeting was less than
with the stock shield, and I think part of it has to do with the broader
sides than the OEM has.

Of course, no trip is complete without rain - an' I managed ta hit about
30-40 miles of it. I can't emphasize enough that as with any other
"vertical" shield, you WILL get rain in the face, simply because of the
distance between the shield and you. I guess if yer wearin' a FF helmet,
this ain't such a big deal, an' the additional wind will be welcome. With a
3/4 helmet, however, them raindrops tend ta sting a tad!

I'm beginnin' ta think the folks what really have issues with the standard
Tulsa are those who ride with FF helmets, because for the life of me, I
can't see any way this is an advantage over the standard Tulsa shield for
those of us wearin' 3/4 helmets.

Another thing I noticed and that came to mind are those that complain about
the rain that comes over the top and down the inside of the standard Tulsa.
Folks, I've gotta what? The droplets are far enough away so that
they don't provide a significant visual block - not nearly as much as drops
on the visor of a FF helmet will present. I also noted that while this
shield will shed water droplets, it will not do so as effectively as the
standard Tulsa - I suspect this is owing to the greater rake/angle of the
standard unit.

This shield is a +4". I'm 6' tall, with a 31" inseam. At the lowest
setting, the shield is about an inch higher than I'd like to have it. I can
sit up straighter and look over it pretty readily, but if I'm riding in a
relaxed posture, the top is right at eye level, so keep that in mind if you
opt for one.

I did not try raising the shield while in the rain, simply because I could
see that with the decrease in water shedding, I could encounter some visual
restrictions from water on the shield, and didn't want to risk it in
increasing traffic as I entered Houston.

Ah'll see those of ya what make it at the Holy Smokes BBQ in Huntsville
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