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For those of you who might want to get into or learn from some illuminating discussions and threads about all-things Zumo, a fellow VTXOA member (Wally/Razorbiker) has appropriately enough established a new all/any-bike forum that pertains specifically to that increasingly-popular GPS, the "Zumo 550 Forum." In just a few days it has garnered nearly 50 members and is growing exponentially. Lots of great info is coming in! Luv y'all but personally I might be spending the bulk of my Zumo-time there. Anyway, no need to respond; just a public service announcement. ENJOY and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Here's its subforum setup:

Zumo Information
General Zumo Info
MP3 and XM Info
Bluetooth and Phones
Installation Info
Shortcuts and Hidden Features

POI's, Routes and Geocoaching
POI's and Loading
Route Sharing US North West
Route Sharing US SouthWest
Route Sharing US NorthCentral
Route Sharing US SouthCentral
Route Sharing US NorthEast
Route Sharing US SouthEast
Route Sharing Canada

The Biker Dashboard
Audio, Headsets, Earplugs
Anything and Everything Else on your Bike Dashboard

Manuals, Files, Mods and Maps

Off Topic Board
Anything and Everything
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