Electrical Connection Light Reconfiguration Harness for 2018+ Goldwing. BRAND NEW - Package still sealed.

NOTE: this harness will not work on the 2020/21Tour model. This only works on 2018/19 Tour and the 2018+ Goldwing.

This harness will allow the use of your LED fog lights when the high beams are on.
Built into the harness is a waterproof MODE switch that allows 2 operations.
. MODE switch on ~ fog lights will be on anytime the key is on, even with high beam.
. MODE switch off ~ fog lights will be controlled by the center dash switch and will shut off with high beam.

I bought this when I added fog/driving lights to Goldwing this past spring but decided not to use it. My loss, your gain! Paid $69.95 + shipping from Electrical Connection - I'll let it go for $50 shipping included.