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Nice Ride + TM Transition Jacket Test

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Sunday, I took a ride from Huntington Beach to Julian to get a piece of apple pie. 260 miles roundtrip. I hate to do this was 82F most of the way, and low of about 65F.
I got a Tourmaster Transition Jacket for Xmas and I wasn't worried that it wouldn't be warm enough, I was worried that it would be too hot for most of my riding. But it has a nice vent system and this was a chance to give it a test.
I removed the liner, opened all the vents and opened the windscreen vent. The jackets vent system worked very well as long as I was moving. When I got stuck in traffic, I got a little warm, but then cooled down quickly when I started to roll. I can say I'm happy with the jacket. I think I can wear it into the mid 80's and I've already been into the high 30's, so I know it will go into the low 30's.
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