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I know some of you have done track days. I know some have wanted to but it's been intimidating... Here's another alternative for those that don't like the idea of getting passed by Sportsbikes.

I do know the guy running it, but have no personal involvement...
This will be a GREAT day. We already have 12 signed up.

"Non-Sportbike" On-Track Training Day
Tuesday August 19
Thompson Speedway (map:
Thompson, CT

Tony's Track Days has graciously created a day of On-Track Instruction geared toward Street Riders. If you have been a little hesitant to do a track day then this is for you. Riders will be broken down into 3 groups: cruisers, tourers, and sport tourers. Please read the notes on gear. You need a full face or modular helmet, motorcycle jacket and pants (no chaps). Gloves and boots should overlap the jacket and pants so no skin is exposed when you are in the riding position.

I will definitely be attending. I hope that you can join me. This is a great learning opportunity plus it is an absolute blast. This is a great event to improve your riding. Go at your own pace, get lots of classroom instruction, and work on the tips you are given on the same curves lap after lap.

Link to the event on Tony's Track Days:
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