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Two days and two lay downs. Kinda neat really, once on the right side then the following day on left side facing uphill.

I know that picking up an 1800 Wing has been covered before but there are new people added to our group that didn't get the proper info from their salesman or dealership, and might not have had the benefit of a post from days gone by.
So here goes:
If you layed it down on the right side calm yourself and take a deep breath. You will soon amaze any onlooker at your strength and abilitys. Put the side stand down (the kickstand).

Now with your back to the bike on the right side position yourself between the handle bars and the passenger hand grip.

Now squat down with your BACK AGAINST THE SEAT , left hand on the handlebar, right hand on the passenger hand grip.

""Make sure you have good footing as you will exert a lot of pressure on your feet and need good grip for your shoes.""

Now your in the position, legs bent, back mostly straight, each hand grabbiing its handhold, now with steady pressure using your legs, and I do mean legs , unless your Charles Atlas, hanging on well with your hands staighten your legs as you lean into the bike and UP SHE or HE GOES.

Don't kid yourself it isn't super easy but a man or woman in decent shape can do the job.

Whatever you do don't psych youself and not believe you can do it. I'm living proof that it can be done and I'm definetly not if the best of shape.

As you get the bike more in the upright position remember the kick stand is down and it won't fall over to the left side.

The left side is the same as the right except you can over lift the bike and go past verticle.

So, as you get the bike up from the ground and don't have a helper you will do a balancing act using your right foot to get the kickstand down when you've got the bike up far enough.

If you don't have an after market plate of some sort on the bottom of the stand for a bigger footprint than the stock stand bottom. I strongly suggest you get one for peace of mind and not sinking in hot asphalt, and making it easier to get a hold of with your right foot when you've got the bike up far enough to lower the stand.

I bought a "Duckfoot" my first after market gizmo and it's saved my #ut many a time on gravel,hot asphalt, and softer ground and now as a help to lower the stand with my right foot while supporting the weight of the bike.

Trust me without that little extra hanging out there on the bottom of the stand it would have been a bit more difficult for me.

Don't know what company on the web carries the "Duckfoot", if someone reading this post knows please share the info.

I hope that I explained it clearly enough and simply enough, sorry for the run on sentences, composition was never my strong suit in school.

Your brother Winger:

Buck Yellow Wing
:lol: 8) :lol: :goflag: :yw1: :luck:

PS. Still needing an eraser on my pencils I gladly accept any additions or corrective comments, just please be civil if you do.
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