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In between visits there, I take a 2 day day trip, which doesn't require any super-slabbing, to Summersville, WV.

Coming from Carroll County, I go down rt 340, to Rt9 South, to VA 55 to 220 into Warm Springs, VA.

From Warm Springs, I go 39 West, then becomes 39/55, to 41W into Summersville. Very Scenic, not heavily traveled. The way back though is the treat of the trip. WV 20 North, to 92 North, then onto 26 North. Portions of this stretch rival the dragon. There are stretches through some small towns where the scenery isn't so great....A lot of the folks in these towns live in what I consider to be squalor, (particularly coming out of Summersville on Rt20) but that's their business. Phillippi is one really neat town with a great dual-lane covered bridge. This is one town I'd like to live in. I think 92 North and 26 North I could run back and forth all day- Even the stretch of Rt50 from Winchester, VA to Clarksburg, WV is another nice road to tear up. Love it in WV.

All you have to do is set your GPS to Warm Springs, Summersville, Phillippi, then back home......*Then set it to AVOID HIGHWAYS* and let the fun begin:thumbup:
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