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2014 GL1800 Goldwing Trike Hannigan Kit
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I picked up my brand new 2014, only 3 miles on it, in September of 2017. She sure looked pretty. It was my first "new" bike as my previous two had been used. Since that time, we have been all over the Country with it, seeing many of the fantastic sights there are to enjoy in this Country. 5 pictures, man is that tough. BUT, I have tried to pick a few that highlights "her" best side. LOL

Here she is all shinny and new, still sitting on the showroom floor. My buddy Randall picked up my chair and sat it on the back seat declaring that I needed to quickly get her out of there before the deal fell through once they actually saw the number of miles on my trade in. LOL.
Tire Wheel Fuel tank Vehicle Automotive lighting

The irony of how one thing....lead to another...
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle Sky

...and who does not like to see a pretty girl at the beach...
Water Tire Wheel Sky Vehicle

... she was out looking for Willie, Waylon, and the boys...
Plant Wheel Tire Vehicle Motor vehicle

...and here we are almost 5 years later, to the day, enjoying a ride in TN. I was tempted to do the same as I had done with the other two girls when there reached 100,000 miles, with 100 at 100,000...but my lovely bride wacked me in the back of the helmet.
Vehicle Motor vehicle Light Speedometer Automotive design

What a ride this life of mine has been having now enjoyed over 500,000 miles of smiles while seated in my Captain's Chair.
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