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In late 2017 I was at the local Honda dealer and told them to make me an offer I can't refuse. Be darned if they didn't. We became the owners of a brand new 2017 Goldwing with 1 kilometre on it. It had 125 Km on it when it was parked for the winter.
We both work full time and are the children of ageing parents. Our waking moment seem to be consumed with text messages of where we can meet and at least the biweekly phone calls of who is taking mom to emergency or do we need to call an ambulance again?
We lost mom in the first week of January 2018. For the first time in a long time our lives seem to be quiet, just to go to work and come home.
In February while having breakfast getting ready for work my wife stopped and looked up at me and said "you know hon, we always said if we bought a new motorcycle, we would take a trip across Canada".

I slurp some coffee, with one eye still on the news “muh huh”.
She said “what is stopping us from doing it … Now”.
* I am now fully awake* “ What? ummm, uh,…Huh?”
With huh still rolling around in my head, we both left for work and booked a 7 week leave of absence.
[7 weeks later having breakfast getting ready for work] ’So darling, After having traveled from here to NL and back on a motorcycle, Would you do it again?”
* Her head jerks up with that monotonously serious voice.* “ I need 5 minuets to pack”

Then Covid happened.
Although we did manage some local getaways throughout BC,AB,SK the bigger trips were just not in the cards.
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With things relaxing and borders opening the wife and I managed a trip to New Mexico to visit with our daughter and her husband last august.

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Our wing is taking us to countless beautiful destinations. Some on buttery smooth pavement, some not so much. With any luck it will take my wife and I on many more adventures.
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