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Oh Deer... again...

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With a sunny 60F-ish Maryland day it seemed time to give the 2018 DCT Wing a little exercise. The rural roads of northern Baltimore County are only a short hop away and I chose my favorite 70-mile loop that includes Prettyboy Reservoir. Heading home, at the 57-mile point, I was tailing a pickup truck at a comfortable distance, figuring deer would hear it and allow both of us safe passage.
No deal... we were doing about 45 mph when a large brown and white blur appeared, seemingly leaping right into me. I felt a "thud" and a slight leftward pull of the steering, but didn't go down and kept moving ahead. The bike seemed to be working fine, but some flapping plastic led me to stop to check the damage. Woah... the photo shows it. (I don't know where the deer ended up, right or left side. Maybe it heard the truck, then decided crossing the road was safe.)
After finishing the ride home I called my insurance company, then rode the 11 miles over to the dealer, a bit anxiously with plastic flapping at (slow lane) freeway speed. It awaits professional attention.
Next accessory: For sure, a deer whistle...
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This is only one study on the subject matter. The majority of articles out there say they are ineffective or the results of the study are inconclusive.

This is an interesting unit; says the sound replicates a rattlesnake and can be heard up to a quarter mile away. I know from personal experience that the sound of a rattler makes me freeze in my tracks :) Now whether a deer can hear this thing or not is another question altogether.

An infamous former dictator of the German nation consistently told his security teams that the most effective tool for his personal safety was simply luck. Many attempts on his life bore out that fact. I'm guessing luck is the only reason I haven't yet had a deer strike. God knows I'm no better a planner or rider than those who have had one.
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.......The best defense for avoiding deer is to slow down and watch the sides of the road you are on for movement of any sort. Keep your eyes moving unless you see something. Be extra careful/watchful in areas where deer crossing signs are posted. They don't install those signs for no good reason......

Rick H.
Still one of the funniest jokes (maybe it was for real) on a radio show I ever heard. Lady called in to complain that the deer crossing signs are always in areas with a lot of traffic. Wanted to know why they didn't have the deer crossings where there was less traffic and less chance of one being hit :)

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