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Am I the only one still using MAP, Version 1.0 ???? I have a Garmin 2730 that I have determined is only good for confusing the issues.

I prefer MAP because it lets me visualize the route. I can see the twisties, figure out how big the towns are, and Map even has points of interest marked.

And if detour arises , I still have WIFE, Old Version 1, that is integrated into my intercom. I will then hear "Turn on the GPS".

Truth is.........I like making my own decisions. I make good ones and bad ones but by golly they're mine.

When my wife bought the Garmin she said, "Now you'll never get lost". Hell, I've never been lost in my life. Been on several adventures, but never been lost and can prove that. Nobody can name one place I went and never came back from.
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