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ON A SAD NOTE; :cry:

On the way back home today, just before downhill (towards the Lake Elsinore) section of the Ortega Highway I was following a lady in a Honda Civic.

Right before disappearing out of my sight at one of the sharp turns I realized her brake lights came on and screeched to a full stop.

In a second I was stopped behind the car and realized that there was an accident on the road and whole traffic was in dead stop.

First I saw Ambulances and Fire engines in the distance.
I knew 90% what to expect.
Then oncoming traffic stopped and we began to move slowly.
Guess what I saw ?

Yep you guessed it right.

Ortega Highway took some more bikers' lives.

2 bikes (I think at least one of them were cruiser type) were on the side of the road on their side lying down.

Then I saw that dreadful scene.
Two helmets were lying on the road and one of the helmets looked like a hand grenade exploded next to it.

A few feet away I saw two bodies covered with yellow plastic and a few people by the Coroner's van were filling out paperwork.

I couldn't stop and asked what happened and how it happpened but it was pretty dreadful scene.

I guess the accident happened at the most 15 minutes before I arrive the spot. There was at least 100-150 bikers around standing and watching the developments with sad faces. Some ladies were crying.

One of the bikes looked liked it hit a mine.

After a few second of upset stomach I thought myself " Well that's another few for Ortega" .

Please everyone, ride as careful as possible.

But especially if you ever ride on Highway 74 or as locally called Ortega Highway in CA.

Every weekend at least few fatal motorcycle accidents are common during any sunny day of the year on this 20 mile section of the ORTEGA Highway between Lake Elsinore and San Juan Capistrano.

Today it was one of those "good weather days" after a week or so rainy and cloudy weather.

There was hundreds of bikes on the road today.

But two of them are not going to their home tonight.

Please, let's ride as safe as possible, as cautious as possible and let's not become a statistic.

Ride safe all,

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You are so right. Last weekend on the way home from Daytona we passed an accident that attracted 10 or more police cars, 2 ambulances and a fire engine. Knew right away it had to be bad news. The next day we learned it was a bike that collided with the rear quarter of a car and went off the road. Needless to say we want everyone to make it home tonight.

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I just got back from Iraq and I (was and am) very excited to ride my "Wing." I've already seen a car flipped on it's hood and a motorcyclist pulled over I assume for assistance.

My wife and I were driving in her car but my mind quickly went to me riding my "Blk Warrior." Please keep in mind safety first so we can ride another day. Good wake up call Jim! :blw1:
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