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Alice and I and another couple got out yesterday, but then it was only 72 degrees here. Turned out to be quite an eventful ride at the end. We were running some nice back roads up around Gainsville, TX when my bike started slipping in and out of 5th gear. I down shifted to 4th thinking maybe I didn't get it in 5th all the way. When I shifted back to 5th it was GONE. Nothing but a screaming engine and no go. Downshifted to 4th and all was good. Told our little group "Houston we had a problem" As we were about 40-50 miles from home we headed back at about 50 mph with me in 4th gear. When we got to our first stop sign I shifted down to 1st and that was gone as well. Alice pulled over. as we continued on, and called Denton Cycle Center to see if someone could stay late so I could drop my wing off for them to go over on Monday. They waited until we got there, at about 5:20, and my Wing now sits waiting to get tore down to find out what is wrong. First words from the service manager was bent shift fork. I am no mechanic but it sounded to me like the tranny went.

Oh well, it under warranty so I will just have to wait and see.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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