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I had to disconnect my battery cable to put on my new spoiler and lost my custom opening ceremony. Does anyone have a website where I can find out how to do it again?



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Courtesy Gordon Banks and his experimenting in 2001:

(Note: For the following steps,
"Press" means 'press and release'.)

1. Turn ignition key to ON or ACC, and wait for the
normal screen display after the opening ceremony.
2. Press (press and release) the MODE button three times.
3. Simultaneously 'press and hold' the TRIP and DISP
buttons for atleast two full seconds, and then
4. Press the MODE button.
5. Press the DISP button.
You should now see the word "SPECIAL!".
If not, turn OFF the ignition key, and start all over.
6. Press the TRIP button.
7. At the prompt "Change OK?", press the MODE button.
8. You should now see a 12-character line, with the cursor
at the left end. Use the TRIP button to cycle through
the available characters until you find the one you want
(letters, numbers, blank, and some others).

Note: You cannot back up when cycling through the characters!
If you pass the one you want, you'll have to cycle around to
the desired character again.

9. When the desired character appears, press the DISP button
to move the cursor to the next space to the right. The
cursor moves only to the right, and then wraps from the
right end back to the left end.
10. When the desired 12 characters have been selected, press
the MODE button to store the selected characters into memory.

Now turn the ignition key to OFF while watching the display screen.
You should see the words "SEE YOU!", with your 12-character line
just underneath. When you turn the ignition key to ON or ACC, you
should see "HELLO" and your 12 character line, and then a message
saying "Welcome to the Gold Wing World".

The above steps should get you started, but a little experimenting
may still be in order.

Possible 12-character lines include:
Your GWRRA number (GWRRA_154381)
Your name (GORDON_BANKS). Some names may require abbreviations
like those seen on custom vanity license plates.
Your bike's name or your CB handle: (CRIMSON RIDE)
Two first names (GORDON&MINA)
A service reminder ([email protected]_15K) or ([email protected])
A special or emergency phone number (012-345-6789)
Anniversary or birthday reminder (ANV_01/01/01)
Or anything you want that will fit onto a 12-character line!

The complete post is under "Documents" on the site. I believe this information was included in the manual from 2002 on.

Have fun!

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I don't recall specifically how I recovered my program. When I disconnected my battery and lost my custom ceremony, I started reinstalling it, and found that it was still there! It is not erased, it just defaults to the EOM ceremony. You should be able to bring it back with far fewer steps than those detailed above.
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