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Ran across an article in the Touring News magazine of the Gold Wing Touring Association.

New dry cell type of battery just like the optima but in cycle size. It's called an "ODYSSEY" Made by Hawker Energy.

Don't know where else to get one except from:

Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts
415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432

They run about $90.00 and weigh about 11 Lbs. because its dry technology you don't have to pay hazardous material charges for UPS.

It has 2 year 100 % replacement then another 3 years on the sliding scale. Thats a total of 5 years. Has 440 cranking amps at 80 degrees. fahrenheit.

California CHP are running these batteries in all their bikes because they have a 50 minute window of use with the bike shut off instead of the 30 minute window they had before, and still start their bikes.

I do not get anything from the company and I don't sell them.

I just don't want to get stuck like I did once in the middle of nowhere because the battery just up and died. I'm going to order one first thing next week. My OEM battery is over 2 years old and is cranking a little bit slower than when it was new.

I just wanted to pass on what I thought was an excellant product with proven technology of starved electrolyte construction, just like the Optima batteries.

No acid spills, no hydrogen gas fumes out of the vent, and much longer life.

Besides the Idea of not having to worry about my Wings battery for at least 5 years is money well spent.

The company says that they expect the battery to have an 8 year service life with normal usage. That means not draining the battery dead all the time, You can draw it down 70% and recharge it 400 times.

I hope that this comment has been helpful to my brother and sister Wingers.

Buck Yellow Wing

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More Info

These are not Spiral Wrap batteries like the Optima batteries are, which have a rounded case.

The Odyssey battery has the same rectangular case as do other batteries. From what I can see, it is a typical gas recombinant technology battery where the electrolyte is trapped in a glass mat between the plates in a gel like form, instead of the usual liquid.

From the Optima Web Site: (Rounded batteries)

Inside this unusual battery is a six-pack of SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY®. Traditional batteries have a stack of thick lead plates surrounded by acid. But OPTIMA® batteries feature two thin lead plates wound into a tight spiral cell, with an absorbent glass-mat in between to hold the electrolyte solution.This unique design allows for more power and increased energy, resulting in quick, reliable starts. OPTIMA batteries are the first and only batteries to feature SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY.

It'll last up to 2 times longer than other batteries.
It can sit unused 3 times longer than other batteries.
It is over 15 times more resistant to vibration than other batteries.
It's nonspillable and can mount in almost any position.
It provides constant performance quality keeping your battery running at the same level even as it's being discharged.
It provides more power in the inital 1, 3, 5, and 10 seconds of the vehicle starting process than comparably rated conventional lead acid batteries.

Now, the Odyssey battery information from thier web site:

The Odyssey Batterys site and information can be found here:

Taken from thier FAQ page:

Question: Are these a gel cell? What’s the difference?
Answer: No, the ODYSSEY is NOT a gel cell. It is an absorbed electrolyte type battery, meaning that there is no free acid inside the battery; all of the acid is kept absorbed in the glass mat separators. These separators serve to keep the positive and negative plates apart.

The key difference between the gel cell and the absorbed glass mat (AGM) cell lies in the fact that in the AGM cell all of the electrolyte is in the separator, whereas in the gel cell the acid is within the cells in a gel form. In fact, if the ODYSSEY battery were to split open, there would be no acid spillage!

Question: Is ODYSSEY® a completely dry battery?
Answer: Because the ODYSSEY® has no free acid inside the battery, it is covered under the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) unregulated "wet nonspillable wet electric storage batteries" classification and International Air Transport Association (IATA) "unrestricted" air shipments categories. These batteries may be shipped completely worry-free. Supporting documentation is readily available.

Question:What is so special about pure lead tin technology? Is it a new technology?
Answer: While the answer to the first part of the question requires a detailed response, the short answer is that the extremely high purity (99.99%) of our raw materials makes our product very special. The technology is not new; the sealed lead recombinant technology was invented and patented by us back in 1973.

Question: Are these Ni-Cd batteries? Why doesn’t somebody make these in Ni-Cd? Wouldn’t they charge faster with Ni-Cd?
Answer: No, the ODYSSEY is NOT a Ni-Cd battery; it is an absorbed (starved) electrolyte sealed lead battery. In general, nickel cadmium batteries are much more expensive to manufacture and recycle, so they are far less cost effective than a lead acid product.

A nickel cadmium battery would charge faster than a conventional lead acid battery; however, the ODYSSEY is NOT a conventional battery and its charge characteristics are somewhat similar to nickel cadmium batteries. In fact, with a powerful enough charger, it is possible to bring ODYSSEY batteries to better than 95% state of charge in under 20 minutes! That is very comparable to the fast charge capabilities of a nickel cadmium product.

More info on the Odessy:

Guaranteed longer service life With a ten year design life and a three-to-eight year service life, ODYSSEY® saves you time and money because you do not have to replace the battery as often. ODYSSEY® is warranted against factory defects for two full years in Powersports or three full years in automotive, commercial and heavy-duty marine.

Superior cranking and fast charge capability The 5 second cranking power of ODYSSEY® batteries is double to triple that of equally sized conventional batteries, even when the temperature is as low as - 40°C. Also, with simple constant voltage charging (alternator or independent charger), there is no limitation on the inrush current, so the user is assured of fast charge recovery.

Mounting flexibility The ODYSSEY® battery may be installed on its sides at any angle without sacrificing any performance attributes. There is no fear of any acid spillage as ODYSSEY® recycles the internal gas during operation or charging.

Superior vibration resistance ODYSSEY® batteries are of military grade and have endured rigorous tests that demonstrate their overall ruggedness and exceptional tolerance of mechanical abuse.

Ready out of the box ODYSSEY® batteries are shipped fully charged. If ODYSSEY’S® voltage is 12.65V or greater simply install the battery in your vehicle and you are ready to go! If below 12.65V, boost charge following the instructions in the ODYSSEY® Owner’s Manual.

Worry-free shipping The sealed design of the ODYSSEY® battery eliminates the need for a acid vent tube; eliminating the fear of acid burns or damage to expensive chrome or paint. Owing to the Drycell design, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has classified the ODYSSEY® battery as a dry battery, so it may be shipped worry-free by UPS/Federal Express or by air.

Longer storage life Unlike conventional batteries that need to be recharged every six to twelve weeks the ODYSSEY® battery, when fully charged, can be stored for up to 2 years at 25°C (77°F). Simply recharge and ODYSSEY® is returned to full power. At lower temperatures, storage times will be even longer.

Deep discharge recovery Should ODYSSEY® become deeply discharged, simply recharge following instructions in the ODYSSEY® Owners Manual.

The part number of the Odyssey battery for the GL1800 is PC 545
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