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Orange County Cooper- LIVE!!

Our motorcycle group went to see OCC in Florence, SC. It was a bit of a disappointment but, they gave out allot of free stuff. Paul Senior has given back the Black Widow bike to Paul, Jr. He stated he still has no real relationship with his sons. The man looks real bad. Such significant weight loss that he had to keep pulling up his paints. At 64 Paul Senior is definitely showing the effects of a hard life style. I hate to say it but, he really looks like a cancer patient.
The group was quite energetic, outgoing and productive but, it appeared they had not done a show like this before. They had four bikes on display: POW, Space Shuttle, Fireman, & Stealth Choppers. Most participants knew that a least three of the bikes were the creation of Paul Jr. They did give away a Bobber type Chopper. It looked like one of their production bikes. The turn out for the event was not great and I wonder if they were able to cover the costs for production.
For those of you that like OCC it was convied that the network has signed the group on for another 28 episodes. Best,

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