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If Hal and Lamont would ever consider bringing back the OT board? I really miss the OT board as for the MOST part it was very interesting reading and really helped with the PMS here in southern Minnesota.
I am fully aware of the problems the OT caused them and in my mind they did the only thing and the right thing, they had no choice but to remove it.
I think as members we could ignor problem posts, by responding to them we just added fuel to the fire and the next thing Hal and Lamont were getting PMs full of cry babys rants and threats. I also understand the legal ramifications they were exposed to.
I wonder if a complete profile with an EMail address, before you could post would help keep the trouble makers out. It's not so easy to hide behind a key board if people know who you are.
I have picked up from other posts that there are posters out there that miss the OT also and yes some are glad it's gone, but I think we could make it work if we just showed some maturity.
This post took a long time to write as I don't want to offend anybody and I hope I haven't, but I think it is a question I would like to ask and I ask it reluctantly. Now stay tuned and watch old cockleburr go down in flames.
Pushing the submit button on this one is gonna be hard.

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And I hope I don't offend you with my opinion. :evil:

It's a motorcycle board. It's not a board for Grandpa to discuss other bullsheet matters. If you don't want to discuss the GL1800 or at least motorcycles, I suggest folks find another board to use.

The General Motorcycle section on this site is already getting screwed up and clogged with non motorcycle bull. The General motorcycle section is starting to look like the GWRRA site. Before long the General section won't have a thing to do with motorcycles! It'll just be for posters playing graba$$. :(

I didn't even want to reply to this post because it also is "off topic". If you have a problem contact LaMont or Mr Greenlee with your concerns. The rules have been set for a reason.

I do understand the reason that folks would like an OTB but that is vastly outweighed by the destruction that takes place by the uncaring and unthinking few who visited the OTB.

It was liking trying to referee a boxing match long-distance because of all the messages and e-mails that we got about some of the stuff on the OTB.

To put it bluntly we will never, ever put an OTB on any of our sites.

The best comments we got from people on the OTB was that they would never do business with us because we allowed people to attack them on the OTB.
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