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If I remember correctly, we're not supposed to post images larger than 800x600.

Adjusting larger images to be 800x600 (or less) takes a few extra steps but will make viewing the image more pleasant, in addition to not messing up the formatting of all the text. (Personally, I hate to have to continually use the bottom scroll bar in order to see all of the picture or all of the text) It's much nicer when everything fits horizontally on the screen and all I have to do is scroll down. BTW, getting all of the messages in the thread (er... 'topic') at one time is soooo nice! ... much faster than having to select them one at a time and wait for each to load!!

Anyway, we're all still on the steep side of the learing curve... :D and I'm sure things will continue to improve.

I like this new board!!
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