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Can anyone tell me 1- how many oxygen sensors there are, and 2- where are they? my Fuel Injection light came on and has stayed on after a trip thru the Atkansas Pig trail. Prior to this the bike would act as though it was running rich by the amount of black soot at the end of the tail pipes, and poor mileage, I'm just assuming that I have a bad sensor or two??

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There's 2 of them near the coolant recovery tank under the bike in each exhaust pipe. Is the light staying on now? If it is, then start it in neutral with the sidestand down and see if it will flash the error code with the FI light.

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Scott .
I had the right side O2 sensor go out on my 2002 at about 8500 miles , (the guy i bought it off had the left side replace at about 4000 miles)
When mine went bad the FI light came on (It is a " Fault Indicator " light,
i also thought it was Fuel Injection ) . With the sidestand down and the bike running in neutral , it will flash a code to tell you what is wrong and what side 02 sensor it is .
Keep in mind , as i found out thanks to this board , that the emissions system has it's own 5 year , 30,000 km. (about 18, 600 mile) warranty on it . I had mine replaced under warranty , the O2 sensor alone would have cost me between $100-$140 depending on were i bought it . I changed mine myself (because of time constraints,was leaving on a trip) you have to take off the top shelter to get to the connector, but not that bad of a job.
However , i would have let the dealer do it if i had the time to leave the bike . After all it was covered under warranty .
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