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I took possession of a new (to me) 2002 1800 yesterday. I also (still) own a 97' 1500. On the 1800, the horizontal surfaces seems to be kinda rough while the finish on the sides and under areas are really smooth.
The bike has never been in an accident or repainted. The paint looks good and is shiny but there is a definant "non-glossy smoothness" to all areas that are exposed to the top side of the bike. That includes chrome and the windscreen. It is nothing that can be seen, but you can tell the difference when rubing with a polish rag. Could this be some kind of clear coat protectant that was sprayed on the bike? My older 1500 does not have this. At first I thought perhaps there was some residue from sitting under a tree or something, but again, this is nothing that can be seen and doesn't detract from the bikes appearance. And, the bike has always been kept in a garage.
One of my riding friends said one of his buddies bike is like this also. Anyone else experience this and/or know what this condition is? I'am hesitant to aggressively try to polish this out in case it is something designed to protect the finish.
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