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Any advice about painting a KBC helmet?

I have an '09 LE Blue Wing and wasn't able to get a color matched KBC Tourcom helmet, so I ordered a Pearl White helmet and figured I'd just paint it myself. When I received the helmet, the instructions said not to paint the helmet.

Is there a particular reason it shouldn't be painted? My previous KBC Tourcom was Titanium and it looked painted to me, but it came that way.

I also plan to paint my spoiler that came off of my Titanium Wing.

I believe the KBC helmets as well as the spoiler are made of ABS plastic and I can understand that some paints could soften the plastic, which you especially don't want to do on a helmet, but it seems like there should be some type of paint that would not damage the plastic.

Any professional advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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