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I have a J&M BT04 headset and my wife has a Schuberth SC10 (made by Sena) and it appears these two don’t play well together.

Scenario: bike is completely off, both Schuberth SC10 and J&M BT04 turned on and intercom works great. On BT04, push the multi function button and intercom can be toggled off and on that way. On SC10, same thing. You can toggle the intercom off and on as normal. Start the bike and allow both headsets to connect to bike and then allow streaming music to both headsets or external speakers. On BT04, push the multi function button once and in the SC10 you hear “intercom requested” but there appears to be no way to ‘accept’ the request on the SC10 and it returns to music. Push the intercom button on SC10, music disappears for a few seconds and then ‘intercom failed, try again later’ comes from the SC10. No amount of button pushing seems to allow the intercom to work while music is streaming. Turn the bike off and wait for about 30 seconds and both Bluetooth headsets work together as described above. Interestingly, if you try to activate intercom immediately after bike is turned off, it won’t work. You have to wait about 30 seconds, almost as if it takes that long for both headsets to agree to talk to each other again. BTW, the same condition applies whether you are streaming music to your BT headsets or external speakers.


PS: I have just written to John Lazzeroni of J&M and I know he’ll respond. Their customer support is excellent.
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